Being heavily interested in web designing and coding, I have created several websites where I could share interests that others would have. Over the years, I’ve learned so much, and familiarized myself quickly with HTML, PHP, and JavaScript as best to my knowledge. On this page, is current websites that I am currently actively working on, and websites I have had in the past, and abandoned due to inactivity, loss of interest for the site, or other unfortunate circumstance.

Current Websites

Current websites that I’m actively working on.

tytyweb (this site)

As I was rolling along with my SMF endeavors, I wanted a place to house what I did for SMF. I came up with the idea to start a website of my own to feature my SMF work, but it later became a home for all my projects. This site was initially called “tyty1234’s SMF Site”, but then simply changed to “tytyweb” as I wanted to feature other things that I do in my free time.

Old Websites

Expired and abandoned websites that I have left due to unfortunate circumstances.

Cheat Forever

In 2006, I was a big gamer and played games such as Tony Hawk’s Underground and Grand Theft Auto, and at the time, I used to use a lot of cheat codes, and so I thought I would try providing a place where people could get cheat codes. So using (now known as I built the site and registered the domain and linked it to my freewebs site, and started a new website. It didn’t get much attention though, and lack of cheat-codes also resulted in failure, despite the fact I bought like three cheat code books to input on my site. I never got to it, and never got much user-input. The domain name and the Freewebs account that went with it has since expired.

Express Yourself! is where my web design adventure all started. I started a small site about expressing yourself, and it only got attention from my close friends. I have no screenshot of it, but I quickly realized what a blog was and blogger wasn’t what I wanted at the time. The blog later got hacked by a rival of mines, and then I shut it down.

Forums Vibe Tutorials

Around the time of Cheat Forever, I also had a free phpBB forum. Well, it is free of course, but it was hosted for me by an old site called I used to provide support for the free forum hosting service and decided to make tutorials under the alias of “CheatMaster93” or “Cheat93” or simply “Cheat”. I made video tutorials of how to do certain tasks of phpBB, and how to configure some options with CamStudio, and uploaded them to I never had knowledge of how to use Adobe Flash Player to play videos, so trying to not use YouTube, I found Revver instead and uploaded and embedded from there. The site itself was hosted by Freehostia, and with the release of phpBB3, Forums Vibe would also change, but then the site admin was unable to continue the free forum hosting service, and shut down Forums Vibe. This then lead to the shut down of Forums Vibe Tutorials.

Hilo Viking Robotics

Around the time I was with Freehostia, I chose this free hosting service to host (at the time was and helped build the site together with individual PHP files connecting together as layers. This then became hard to maintain and eventually the site moved hosts and install a reliable and easy-to-use CMS. This became WordPress, and then from there my involvement with the web development dwindled and I stopped working with the web team that was working on the website. The site is looking fine today and is still running WordPress. It actually looks pretty darn good.


WiiPowered grew out of the ashes of WiiCharged, as the admin of WiiCharged was going insane and things were getting out of control. So members were moved to a temporary forum, and remained there until WiiPowered was registered and ready. This is when I used SMF, and began my SMF journey in the summer of 2008. WiiPowered was a place where I learned so much more about web design, coding, and programming. While keeping a community intact, I was learning about SMF and PHP. However this community remained active for merely only a year, and after that inactivity grew, even I myself stopped going to my own site due to the inactivity, and WiiPowered just fell apart. After a while, the current host on WiiPowered locked the account as I am no longer involved with the Dream Portal project, and the domain is well overdue. Nobody ever came back, and WiiPowered was just dead, so it’s just, not there. I have an archive of the entire site on my computer though, but other than that, WiiPowered is no longer there.