Listed below are the mods that I wrote. In the past they have supported SMF 1.1.x but since the release of SMF 2.0 Gold, they no longer are compatible with SMF 1.1.x. Each mod can be downloaded from either the SMF Mod Site or from my site here. You may also download these mods straight from your forum by adding this page as a package server.

Disable Subject Change(last updated: 6/23/2011)

When enabled, all users (except admins, global moderators and board moderators) will not be able to change the subject of a topic when replying.

Gender On Memberlist(last updated: 6/23/2011)

This simple mod will show the gender of the users on your memberlist.

Hide Topic Replies(last updated: 7/29/2011)

When enabled, guests will not be able to see the replies of a topic until they register on your forum. This tempts the guest to register to your forum.

Highlight Unread Topics(last updated: 6/23/2011)

When a topic becomes unread, the color of the text of the topic will be whatever color you set it to. This will also highlight the board name if there are unread topics in that board. This helps to see easily what topics are unread aside from the on/off board icons, and the new icon that appears next to the name of the topic.

SSI Topics and Replies(last updated: 6/23/2011)

This adds an SSI function for you to add to your SSI pages that will display a topic of your choice, and the replies that follows.

Top 10 Posters and Topic Starters Stats (Today, Week, Month, and Year)(last updated: 6/23/2011)

On your SMF stats page, 8 new areas will be added displaying the top 10 posters and topic starters of the day, week, month and year.

Mod Support

I personally have not had the time nor the motivation to continue supporting these mods for the latest version of SMF, but if you really need me to make it compatible, the best way to contact me is via Otherwise, visit the SMF modification site.

All mods written and maintained by tyty1234, unless the original developer or maintainer is noted.