Involvement with SMF

In June 2008, I became involved with SMF as I needed a forum for one of my old websites WiiPowered.com and having looked at phpBB as a forum that did not quite meet my needs, I searched and found SMF and as I looked into the source of how SMF works, I grew a strong interest into SMF that I wanted to learn more. So I started learning PHP, and started learning the core functionality of SMF and then eventually I started helping other people by providing community support at the community forum. I earned the title of Support Helper of the Month in September 2009 for giving good support to the community and its members. I then started to come up and write a few mods, and then worked around SMF almost pretty easily (at least enough to work around most of SMF's templates and source files) to write the mods I wanted to write. My SMF journey then accelerated as I was approached by a user named ccbtimewiz in August 2009 about an all-new portal project for SMF (details below) and became co-founder of the Dream Portal project. The team for the project increased and there were nearly 10+ members rallied by ccbtimewiz to help with the project, running on 2 – 3 developers. I contributed a whole bunch to the project, but once my time to work on the project dwindled down and after taking a couple hiatuses, on June 7th, 2010, I left the Dream Portal team and project. This leave resulted in leaves from other projects/services as well, and completely moving away from SMF as I had absolutely no time to continue to contribute to Dream Portal, or to SMF. As of present day, I still go back to Dream Portal and SMF periodically to see what's new, and keep my mods up-to-date.

Involvement with Dream Portal

On August 16th, 2009, over Windows Live Messenger, ccbtimewiz came up to me and literally gave me a simple static piece of code that resembled a portal. It was basically an SSI page that used several functions to generate some basic user data and forum statistics and information. When the code was presented to me, I was brought upon a daring challenge of finishing up the static portal page. After about 900 lines of code, and over 6+ hours put into this one portal page, on August 17th, 2009, it was decided that the two of us would start a brand-new portal called Dream Portal. It had a working title before Dream Portal codenamed Maple Portal, but it quickly turned into Dream Portal. The portal soon transformed from a static page to a dynamic page as I implemented a few functions to reduce the amount of lines of code and avoided constant repitition. Development continued between ccbtimewiz and I as we were working on early builds of Dream Portal. The initial overall goal of Dream Portal was to keep EVERYTHING in ONE file. Yes, one file for one portal, and the dream of the project was to port it to other Open-Source forum software such as MyBB and phpBB along with SMF. After countless revisions on the alpha version of Dream Portal, and with additional help from another user, on August 25th, 2009, the domain dream-portal.net was bought to continue development, establish a home for Dream Portal, and bring in more team members. The project accelerated quickly from this point and a full team was established. The project moved from an alpha stage to a beta stage in an instant. From this point, the project moved a single-file project, to a full modification complete with translated languages, source files, and template files. By the time I left the team, Dream Portal finished their beta stage and moved on to a release candidate (RC) stage shortly. Dream Portal 1.0 was then released to the general public on September 12th, 2010, and of course I was still inactive from everything SMF and am still not on the team. Some time in early 2016 however, the dream came to an end and as the homepage reports, it seems like some parts of Dream Portal was moved over to ezPortal, unfortunately leaving Dream Portal to what it started off as, just a dream.