Twisted Madness


About the coaster

Twisted Madness is a non-cs (contains no custom scenery) roller coaster. It’s a pretty simple wooden roller coaster containing many twists and turns. Most of the coaster is contained in one area, and just twists in and out. There are two lift hills featured, as the second lift hill will take you up high and launch you at a very high speed before coming to a stop at the end of the ride.


Excitement rating: 7.31 (High)
Intensity rating: 7.95 (Very High)
Nausea rating: 4.50 (Medium)

Max. speed: 64.34 mph
Avgerage speed: 24.55 mph
Ride time: 2:11
Ride length: 4751.01 ft

Max. positive vertical G’s: 5.01 g
Max. negative vertical G’s: -2.89 g
Max. lateral G’s: 2.79 g

Total “air” time: 0:34
Drops: 15
Highest drop height: 84.43 ft
Number of inversions: 0


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