Closed Encounters


About the coaster

Closed Enocunters is a non-cs (contains no custom scenery) twister roller coaster. This enclosed roller coaster contains many twists, turns and flips. The entire coaster is confined within a large building located in Pine Gardens, and can only be found at this park. The coaster goes in and out of the many “rooms” within the building, and even at some points revisits the same room, but coming from a different angle and direction. This coaster has 3 sets of trains, and on average two trains are out on the track and considerable distances between eachother, while the third one takes its time to load up its passengers.


Excitement rating: 7.65 (High)
Intensity rating: 6.24 (High)
Nausea rating: 3.22 (Medium)

Max. speed: 52.22 mph
Avgerage speed: 21.50 mph
Ride time: 1:38
Ride length: 3101.44 ft

Max. positive vertical G’s: 4.52 g
Max. negative vertical G’s: -1.12 g
Max. lateral G’s: 3.09 g

Total “air” time: 0:15
Drops: 11
Highest drop height: 98.13 ft
Number of inversions: 5


Not available for download.