A Pokémon Video Game Medley


About the piece

This piece is basically a Pokémon game from start to finish, except the music in between had to fit together more musically rather than chronologically like the game. It starts with the opening theme when you start the game, and ends with the ending theme when you end the game. Pokémon is basically about battling and training Pokémon, which is why the battle theme is the climax of the piece. It’s the main element of the game, and is also the main element/section of the piece. Viridian Forest leads up to the battle themes as a type of foreshadowing, and the Route 1 theme (Road to Viridian City) is where the journey actually starts. The cycling theme signifies how you are able to achieve a bicycle and have the freedom of riding it through the various routes within the game. And lastly before the Viridian Forest theme we have the Pokémon Center theme where a feeling of relaxation is expressed as you heal your Pokémon after a battle. The piece then ties everything up with a grand majestic ending signifying the end of the game giving you a successful and relieved feeling.


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