On this page, I will post up some works that I’ve done to showcase. Depending on the type of work I’ve done, it may or may not be available to download. My work is done using the Finale music notation software. To view a piece, click the thumbnail.

A Gentle Feeling

View Piece This short composition was written for a Flute Quartet. The piece initially had no title to begin with, but as the melody was created, it had a nice gentle feel to it, thus the name of the piece being A Gentle Feeling.

Nya! (Nyan Cat Song)

View Piece This arrangement is what the title says. It’s the “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” piece composed by daniwellP, vocalized with Hatsune Miku. How much better can this song be, if it was arranged for 4 mallets!! That’s right, this piece is arranged for Bells, Xylophone, Vibraphone and Marimba with the Xylophone having the main melody!

A Pokémon Video Game Medley

View Piece This arrangement features music from Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. It was completed as part of my senior project, and was completed in April of 2011. This piece is basically a Pokémon game from start to finish, highlighting the events the player would encounter during the game. You will hear and feel different moods and feelings during this piece.

Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme

View Piece This arrangement features the overworld theme from the popular Super Mario Bros. game released in 1985. There are two versions of this arrangement available. One for Pep Band, and another for a clarinet trio. The Pep Band version has a nice drumline beat to it, and is definitely a song you can bounce your head to. The audience in the stands of football games and such will easily recognize the theme as it starts off with a bang. The clarinet trio version is a simple straight-through version of the original overworld theme, ending sort of the same way the pep band version ends.