Tyty Music

Welcome to my music page! Here on this page I will post up some works that I have done using the Finale music notation software. Check out the links on the side to get the info of that. If you would like to read about the things I do musically or read more about the stuff that I talk about music related, you can check out the music section of my blog.


I’ve been in band since the 7th grade and play percussion. I quickly became interested in composition and arranging and since then my skills have slightly grown and will get better as I learn more about it. My main percussion instrument is the Timpani, and for marching, the Snare Drum. I can play other percussion instruments well, mostly auxiliary I play a lot of if I’m not on the Timpani, and sometimes Bass and Snare Drum. Other times, I’m on mallets but not as often as the other percussion instruments.

What’s new?

Listed here is the latest info on my music works. Latest info can also be found on the music blog, or you can click on one of the social media icons in the sidebar, or hit “Like” or “Follow” for my Facebook and Twitter!

Latest Work

Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme – 7/31/2011
Nya! (Nyan Cat Song) – 7/5/2011