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General Rules
« on: March 19, 2011, 01:56:16 AM »
These general rules apply to the entire forum. Each board has their own readme and set of rules. The rules are simple as follows.

1. Spam and related
Please do not spam, or flame posts, members etc. Try to keep things clean, and do not offend other members.

2. Illegal software and material
No links, or attachments, etc that falls under cracked, or hacked programs allowed on the forums. No pornography either please.

3. Respect
Please respect all members on the forum. Again, don't start having feuds and such with others and do not offend any member. Keep things clean, and be friendly.

4. Advertisements
A link in your signature to your personal site is acceptable. Please don't advertise things like free products or scams anywhere. No one wants to see that.

Any infraction could lead to a ban or warning, depending on the level of infraction. Rules are subject to change and may be altered at my will.
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