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Gender On Memberlist
« on: June 15, 2011, 11:40:20 PM »
id:genderonmemberlistGender On Memberlist

Original Author: ccbtimewiz
Currently Developed by: tyty1234
Current Version: 1.5
Compatible With: SMF 2.0

This is a modification that will add member gender to the memberlist. You can also sort by male/female or female/male.
Members with no gender get stacked in the middle if you sort by gender, however.

Need Help?
There are two places where you can get help. The support thread on Simple Machines, or the support thread on tytyweb.

This mod should be installed using the Package Manager. No manual edits should be necessary, but if it comes to that resort, please use the Package Parser.

What's new in this version?
Released for SMF 2.0
Dropped 1.1.x support. Do NOT use this version for SMF 1.1.x
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