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A Closed Encounter

Another roller coaster has been added to the coasters page of my RCT3 page, and that coaster is called Closed Encounters. It’s a nice roller coaster, and contains many flips, twists and turns.

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Park Update – Pine Gardens

Pine Gardens has been updated. The building for the coaster was completed, and work around it has been done. A mini golf course and tilt-a-whirl attraction has been added, and expansion is to take place. Fencing, lighting and seating still…

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My New Computer

As a graduation present, since I recently just graduated from High School, my grandma got my a brand new computer. This HP Pavilion dv7 is pretty kick butt. It’s pretty fast, has an i7 Core Processor running at 2.00 GHz,…

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Screenshot of Project64.


A while ago, I came across some old PlayStation games, and among them, I found a game that I always would play; Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue. I played it on my PlayStation 2, but I couldn’t…

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The first drop of Twisted Madness.

Roller Coasters

A few days ago, I updated the coasters page with a wooden roller coaster called Twisted Madness. There’s only one coaster listed because I am unable to access my RCT3 game and am getting a new computer soon, so I’m…

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