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Pine Gardens – Park Update

Pine Gardens has been updated. The 6th area is now complete! A new roller coaster, thrill ride and observation tower were added. Applications for Mechanics, Janitors and etc are being reviewed. Check out the update post on the Atari Community…

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The Favicon

Before in the past, to have a icon appear next to your site name in the address bar, you would need to add one line of HTML to your HTML page and upload a file called “favicon.ico”. As I have…

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The increasing amount of mobile data being used each year.

Verizon’s Data Plan

Recently, Verizon changed their data plans and other networks such as Sprint have been competing for the best data plan. The thing is for me though, I only use less than a gigabyte worth of data each month. Before the…

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The jQuery Nivo Slider.

jQuery Sliders

Recently I was looking for an image slider or rotator that was written in jQuery and after a quick Google search, I found one of two sliders that I experimented with. The first jQuery slider that I found was Coin…

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This screenshot of Skype™ was taken with Kenny Kerr's Window Clippings.

Taking good screenshots

Have you ever taken a screenshot of a window, and thought of how blah it comes out? When you use “Alt+Prt Sc” to take a screenshot of the active window, the image is still a square, and doesn’t really curve…

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