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Bit Calculator/Converter

The bit calculator that I would always used found on matisse.net is no longer available. I found their byte converter page (called the bit calculator) very useful, and now it’s gone. In the past however, I gave it a try…

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Music in the making

I haven’t really blogged much about music, but now it’s the time to do so. Recently, I’ve been thinking about my next piece of work, and my thoughts have been consisted of an original composition, and a Christmas arrangement. Neither…

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YouTube's new video player.

YouTube’s New Embed Player

For a while now, YouTube had a change to their embed player, giving it a neat look. It’s slightly better than what it was before, but it’s now darker. When they changed the style of the player, the embedded player…

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Label 228 Word Template

I recently printed out labels, and they happened to be the USPS Label 228. I wanted to find a template for word for label 228 January 2008, but didn’t find one that fit. So I decided to create one of…

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Site Stats – July 2011

I’ve been tracking my site views, and in July 2011 the graph above is the amount of views I’ve been getting each day in July. The amount of views I’ve been getting were pretty great, and I’m glad people are…

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