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Use Audacity's metadata editor to make your custom ringtone loop.

Looping Ringtones on Android

Are you like me and want your custom ringtone to be looped on your Android phone? Well after about a half-hour of searching, I found the solution here and am spreading the word on. Read on for more!

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Got a pinch?

Just recently, Maka Boy Media Productions filmed, edit, and produced a new video based off the Pokémon Black and White song, “You’re in a pinch”, where the HP meter turns red. In this video, a guy is walking happily at a park when he drinks his bottle of water, and suddenly has to use the bathroom. He then runs in panic and tries…

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No Smileys Android

Got a rooted Android phone and want to “turn off” the smileys when sending/receiving messages? Well by modifying the Mms.apk application, you can do just that by modifying one line within the application’s classes file. As seen above, none of…

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The logo for the 'From the Archives' series. Copyright © 2011 Maka Boy Media Productions.

Filming for From the Archives

As part of Maka Boy Media Productions, a new web series is upon us. Featuring myself, Luke, Reuben and Megan (cast from “The Exploding Can Show”) the series focuses on flashbacks of past clips that we’ve done on YouTube under…

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Android Keyboard: Enter Key (CM7)

About a month ago, I rooted my HTC Droid Incredible with unrevoked and installed CyanogenMod 7 (CM7). With that running successfully on my phone with a finally updated version of Android Gingerbread, I was a bit unhappy with the keyboard…

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