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My SMF Journey

My SMF Journey began around 2008 after the summer, and when I created my website WiiPowered.com. I found a site called SMF Helper where it was less crowded than Simple Machines’ community forums, and this was where I got help…

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The WiiPowered logo.


Back around the year 2008 during the summer, there was a site called WiiCharged.com. It was basically a Nintendo user-community focused on the Wii, and you could exchange Friend Codes (FCs), have online battles/games, and talk about everything Nintendo or…

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How I Skype

Before Skype, I used Windows Live Messenger. That’s pretty much the only IM client that I had downloaded on my computer. I would only use these IM clients for personal uses to chat and connect with my friends, but after I…

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A Pokémon Video Game Medley – My Senior Project

So I’m a senior at high school, and going for higher education, I decided to do a Senior Project, and the area that I decided to do was Music. For my project, I arranged a medley based on the Pokémon…

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Site Change

So initially, my site tytyweb was mainly for SMF (Simple Machines Forum) related stuff, but I wanted a site for myself and the different things that I do on the internet and other “projects” that I do. This is comprised of SMF and web design stuff, music stuff, youtube stuff, and RCT3 (RollerCoaster Tycoon 3) stuff …

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