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SMF Updates

A few days ago, SMF 2.0 Gold has been released to the public and is now the current stable release. It also acquired a new BSD license and is no longer an LLC. To me, this tells me to update…

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Another Update

So I haven’t blogged for a month, and thought I would give a small update. I was supposed to do a post about iOS, which will soon be published, but first I’ve been thinking of the site’s layout and if you haven’t noticed already has changed. This is like the 3rd version of the site layout that I’ve done and out of all three, this is one …

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W3C Logo


Ever since I entered the world of web design, and learned about XHTML, I learn on my own about valid XHTML, and learn how there are guidelines and rules to follow when writing XHTML. This is basically the same as…

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

I’ve been playing RollerCoaster Tycoon for the longest time! It’s my most favorite game of all time! Whenever I would play, I would pretty much let my imagination run WILD!! Even though there was a lack of a Sandbox mode…

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Finale Music Notation

In 2007, I discovered a piece of music notation called Finale. I was interested in music composition and my music teacher told me about Finale. I went home to see exactly what it was, and it just opened my eyes…

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