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Mod Updates…coming soon!

For those of you running an SMF Forum and has installed any one of my mods, I am pleased to inform you that the mod updates are coming soon. I have updated 2 of 6 of my mods, but have yet to release them. I will release them once I update all my mods and are working well on SMF 2.0. These updated mods will NO LONGER

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No updates, yet

Currently, I have no updates for RCT3…just yet. My RCT3 page is set up though and can be found here, however there’s little to see there as well, except for one park. I’m getting a new computer soon however, so once that gets into my hands, I will provide park updates for Pine Gardens, and I will update the other pages found …

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Apple iOS

Updating iOS

I’ve had an iPod Touch since December of 2010. It was a hand-me-down of a the 2nd generation iPod Touch, as it was once my cousin’s. Updating for me wasn’t a problem around the time of iOS 3, but then…

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