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Nyan Cat as seen on Nyan.cat

A Day of Arranging: Day 2

So today I nyaned for a few seconds multiple times and I thought, what instruments would best be able to play this song? So I did a little of Google searching, and YouTubing and found a piano arrangement. From that…

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A Day of Arranging

Just yesterday, I finished a pep band arrangement that I decided to do. I did an arrangement of the popular Super Mario Bros. theme for pep band. I have it up on my works page under the music section of…

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The swfobject

Anytime I wanted to embed a flash file to a webpage or HTML file, I would use the swfobject. Why would I use the swfobject? Well the answer is simple. XHTML valid. It’s because of me being strict on validating…

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New Skype community and support

So I’m subscribed to Skype’s blogs and I use Google Reader for all my RSS feeds and today I got an update from them about an update to their support network, which I found interesting.

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SMF Package Parser

So I was looking at some of my site statistics today, and one of them happened to be a referrer from the search engine term “smf package parser”. And when I saw that, I opened a new tab to Google,…

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