Bootstrap 3: Brand Dropdown Menu

Did you need a dropdown menu on your brand name in Bootstrap 3? This post and tutorial will show you how you can add it to your Bootstrap website!

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A screenshot of the new and up-to-date theme of tytyweb.

New Design…Finally!

After many years of using a boring and simple theme I had created when this site was launched, I have finally changed the look, appearance, and structure of my website! The theme was way out of date, not modern-looking, and…

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Optimizing for mobile

I’ve been playing around with the site design, and optimized it for mobile web. It took me a few hours of the night to do, and in the image featured, is what the end-result was. It looks really nice and…

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Bit Calculator/Converter

The bit calculator that I would always used found on is no longer available. I found their byte converter page (called the bit calculator) very useful, and now it’s gone. In the past however, I gave it a try…

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YouTube's new video player.

YouTube’s New Embed Player

For a while now, YouTube had a change to their embed player, giving it a neat look. It’s slightly better than what it was before, but it’s now darker. When they changed the style of the player, the embedded player…

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