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A screenshot of the new and up-to-date theme of tytyweb.

After many years of using a boring and simple theme I had created when this site was launched, I have finally changed the look, appearance, and structure of my website! The theme was way out of date, not modern-looking, and needed a desperate change that every time I wanted to change it, I couldn’t because I didn’t have time for it. Well, 4 years later and it finally has a new look and feel.

The theme that tytyweb is now using is something that I designed during the time I was taking a web design course at my university, and I’ve been wanting my website to look this way ever since I learned about a framework called Bootstrap when building other websites that I manage. A draft of the new site was finished and uploaded here, and I told the class that I would put the changes up and have my website look this way. However, as I started the process of converting the HTML5 template into a WordPress theme, it became a bit difficult than I anticipated. The process is also rather lengthy as well, since I personally am still learning about the inner workings of WordPress and why things in WordPress work the way they do. So eventually, because I simply didn’t have the time and lost the motivation, I ended up not finishing the conversion process, and ultimately did not update my website. But now that time has allowed, and I almost am about to graduate from my 4-year university program, I finally made it happen and completed the site’s ever-needing upgrade.

What’s New?

Aside from just the look of the website, there are a few new things that I added, both in the front-end and back. One of the few noticeable changes, if you’re a frequent reader/visitor to my blog, is the change in the comments system. Yes, I could have taken the time to re-design the look of the comments with this new theme, since it simply looked horrible in the old one, but instead, I decided to switch to the Disqus comment system. I’ve been noticing more and more on popular news sites, blogs, and other online communities use Disqus as their platform for comments, and thought “Wow, this would be nice to have.”, so with that, I changed installed the WordPress plugin for it, and created my own Disqus account, though at this time, I don’t use it to post my own comments on other sites/blogs. Because I knew that Disqus wouldn’t keep my old comments, for articles that have a lot of comments, I kept them available for viewing via an expandable dropdown so that new visitors to my articles would be able to see what other visitors have said.

In addition to Disqus, I have added a Twitter feed widget to my sidebar, seen only on my blog, since I’ve been heavily active nowdays on Twitter under the username tyty1993 where I tweet mostly about Korean pop music (commonly abbreviated as K-pop), which is a genre and culture of music I’ve been following since 2013, or notably roughly 6 months after the release of the worldwide-hit, Gangnam Style. Even though my Twitter is mostly about K-pop, it’s pretty open to anyone who wishes to follow me on Twitter just to see what I’m to, since I hardly update this blog, which I should do more of. But with this new look, I feel, as time allows, that I can update more regularly if I feel like there’s something that I need or want to share. The only other things that I have added are mostly on the back-end, which are plugins that help with the maintenance and loading of my website (WP-Cleanup, and WP Super Cache), and the addition and use of featured images.

Interestingly enough, I still get hits to my blog articles on a daily basis (thanks to stats powered by Jetpack and, so hopefully new and returning visitors of my site/blog will be more welcoming to the new look and feel of my website, especially since a couple of my old articles are tutorial-related. There are actually a few more pages on the website I still have to update, but that will come eventually down the line. My biggest priority was updating the look and feel of the website, and fixing all of my articles to accommodate the use of featured images. Hope you all enjoy the new look of the website, and feel free to leave a comment below if there is anything you see that is out-of-place, or if something needs to be fixed, or if there’s something I should add!

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