Installing Finale 2012

Posted on | Tyler

So yesterday, I purchased and downloaded Finale 2012 and after it finished downloading, I ran the install, and to my surprise, it threw me this error message. When I saw that error, I got slightly frustrated and did all the basic troubleshooting and etc. After the next day, I got it to install.

What I did at first was pretty much just disable my antivirus, and tried to install it with my browser close. After that failed, I figured try it again later and not worry about it for now. I then think to myself, let’s try restart the computer. That didn’t work too well, and then I think turn off my wireless switch. After another fail, I try reset my internet modem. I still failed. After that, I completely shut down the computer and restart it. I then close things such as TeamViewer, Dropbox, iCloud and Skype. Basically, shut down all the programs that could be using the internet. I then run the setup as administrator and then once it reached the downloading screen, I crossed my fingers, waited, did nothing but have the setup file running, and once I saw it move to the end and finished, it worked. I was happy, and I kept it this way for the rest of the installation process. Everything else went smoothly and I finally got Finale 2012 installed onto my computer.

So if you have this similar problem, check to make sure you do the following.

  • Close any open programs
  • Disable and exit your antivirus program
  • Close your internet browser
  • Close and exit programs with open ports (TeamViewer, Dropbox, Skype, other IM programs, iCloud, etc)
  • Run the setup as administrator

To take extra precautions, you also might want to disconnect your iPod, iPad, Kindle, etc. from your WiFi uninterrupted connection between the Finale setup file, and the internet. If you’re using your XBOX, PS3 or Wii to connect to the internet over WiFi, make sure they are OFF. If you have a smart TV hooked up, make sure it’s OFF. Blu-ray with internet access, OFF. Of course, I don’t have all these things to confirm that turning the mentioned devices off will ensure download of the latest archive, but those are just suggestions to take extra precautions to ensure that the Finale 2012 archive is downloaded to your computer.

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