Plans for Pokémon Rewrite

Posted on | Tyler

For my Senior Project in High School, I did an arrangement of Pokémon based on versions Red and Blue that was released for the Nintendo Gameboy in 1996. With the help of a couple of people including my friend Luke, and my mentor Pedro, a video of the Hilo High School band playing the arrangement was made and posted. As of December 2011, it has received 11,000+ views, and because of some stuff in the arrangement that was sort of difficult to play, and just how it overall sounded, I have plans on re-doing the arrangement and having another group play the modified version. The modified version keeps playing over and over again in my head just waiting to be written out, and as soon as I can acquire Finale 2012 and have more free time, then I will begin the modifications. My goal is to finish some time before the Summer of 2012, so that gives me 6 months to do as much as I can.

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