YouTube’s New Embed Player

Posted on | Tyler

YouTube's new video player.

For a while now, YouTube had a change to their embed player, giving it a neat look. It’s slightly better than what it was before, but it’s now darker. When they changed the style of the player, the embedded player however was still the old silver one. However for a week or so now, their embedded player changed as well to match the main player they have on their site.

I think the reason that we saw a new design for the player is that pretty soon, YouTube is going to change once again. Featured on the YouTube Test Tube page is a feature called Cosmic Panda where the new embedded player was being used in this YouTube experiment. I’ve been using this test tube feature for almost a month I think, and it’s an okay feature. One highlighted feature is that while you’re watching a video, and you want to see someone else’s or your own channel, you will never leave the video. The video will still be playing and you can browse the page as the video keeps playing. Cosmic Panda also gives a new look to the channels, so we’ll also be seeing a change in that as well. Actually, I’m not even sure if they’re going to be switching to Cosmic Panda, but I believe that it is likely that the switch will happen.

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