Verizon’s Data Plan

Posted on | Tyler

The increasing amount of mobile data being used each year.

Recently, Verizon changed their data plans and other networks such as Sprint have been competing for the best data plan. The thing is for me though, I only use less than a gigabyte worth of data each month. Before the plan change, I was and still am on the unlimited data plan so I have unlimited data, but only use less than 1 gigabyte worth of it.

Thirty dollars a month for two gigabytes would be reasonable and enough for me. I realize I don’t really need unlimited data on my Android phone and if I had to change to the new plan, two gigabytes would be enough. It sucks that Verizon did this for those of you that use Facebook or Twitter 24/7 on your phone, but it kind of makes sense for Verizon to do this. It makes sense for me, because I don’t go over two gigabytes. For those of you that do, you’d just have to pay extra. If you don’t like it, then you probably would want to consider switching. But why switch off of Verizon when they have the best coverage? And if you have an iPhone on Verizon, then I’m sure that suffices enough right? If you wanna stay on the nation’s most reliable network, and have more data, and got the money for it, then just pay the extra fifty or eighty dollars a month (5 GB for $50, 10 GB for $80). It actually sounds pretty insane to pay that much money a month, so since thirty dollars a month got you unlimited data, then thirty dollars a month for two gigabytes should be just fine in my opinion. Especially if you’re only using less than the limit per month. And in case you go over, the overage charge isn’t that bad. All you have to do is pay $10 for every gigabyte that you use over the limit.

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