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Posted on | Tyler

The jQuery Nivo Slider.

Recently I was looking for an image slider or rotator that was written in jQuery and after a quick Google search, I found one of two sliders that I experimented with. The first jQuery slider that I found was Coin Slider, with the second one being Nivo Slider. After using both, I knew only one was better than the other.

I immediately figured out how each slider worked and went through the short usage documentation pretty quickly. So I gathered a few images, put the slider together and I had a basic jQuery slider displayed. But for me it was pretty dull and too basic. The images I used were roughly the same width, but different heights. With Coin Slider, I the image would fit within the slider. However, when it came to the transitions, the speed of the transition would change whenever I would change tabs or not be on the page the slider was on, which is not what I wanted. So I went back to Google and did another search and this time came across the Nivo Slider, in which they say is “The world’s most awesome jQuery slider”, and I would say it is. With the Nivo Slider, there were more options you can configure and experiment with than the Coin Slider. The transitions were more unique and random, and the speed was pretty constant too. Configuration and setup was not a problem for me, and I got this better jQuery slider to work just perfectly. The images however all have to be the same exact size as the slider, which I don’t think will find a problem at all.

The Nivo Slider is better than the Coin Slider, and if you’re looking for one that’s simple, easy and quick to setup, then this slider may be just right for you. If it’s not the one you’re exactly looking for, then there are others I’m sure; even ones that are manual. You have to keep looking if you didn’t find the right one.

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