Roller Coasters

Posted on | Tyler

The first drop of Twisted Madness.

A few days ago, I updated the coasters page with a wooden roller coaster called Twisted Madness. There’s only one coaster listed because I am unable to access my RCT3 game and am getting a new computer soon, so I’m holding off RCT3 updates ’til then.

I actually built a few coasters that I saved as pre-built designs so I can build them in other RCT3 parks that I made. Most of them are non-cs though, since CSO (custom scenery objects) is not really my thing. I did actually try one roller coaster with CSO, but horribly failed as the stats on that particular coaster weren’t that great. I wouldn’t want to showcase a coaster with near drastic stats. But anyways, once I get my new fresh computer, I will be able to post up the other coasters and also update Pine Gardens. That is expected to be very soon, in the next couple of weeks or so.

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