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Screenshot of Project64.

A while ago, I came across some old PlayStation games, and among them, I found a game that I always would play; Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue. I played it on my PlayStation 2, but I couldn’t find my PlayStation memory cards, so I only played for like a couple of hours without saving. I wanted to go through the entire game again, but to do that I needed an emulator, and after reading about the pSX, it seemed complicated. So a little bit of Googling, and I come to find that Toy Story 2 was also on the Nintendo 64, and seeing that was much easier than the pSX, I came across Project 64.

Not only did I get to play Toy Story 2, but other games that I had or played on the Nintendo 64 as well! I would get Mario Kart 64, but that’s available on the Wii’s virtual console too so I could play it on that. I haven’t been on my Wii in forever, but yeah. Project64 took me a while to get used to, especially when I hardly play games that use a keyboard to move the character around and do certain actions. Games like Knights of the Old Republic and StarCraft aren’t that hard, as the controls are mostly with the mouse.

When I get my new computer, I’m gonna try use my PlayStation 3 controller with Project64 and Xpadder to play those games. I’ve had issues in the past, but I think this time I’ll try to get the PlayStation 3 controller to work properly, and then I can configure it with Xpadder and Project64. I used Xpadder in the past to map my Rock Band controller, but that was a couple years ago and the process was a bit different.

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