A Day of Arranging: Day 2

Posted on | Tyler

Nyan Cat as seen on Nyan.cat

So today I nyaned for a few seconds multiple times and I thought, what instruments would best be able to play this song? So I did a little of Google searching, and YouTubing and found a piano arrangement. From that piano arrangement, I was able to put it into Finale, and then from there, I took it and arranged it into a four part mallet arrangement.

Before arranging it for mallets though, I was debating whether or not I should transpose it down to B flat major from B major, but I then thought as a challenge to leave it in the original key of B major. The xylophone then got the main melody, and the marimba got the “bass” part. The bells and vibes add on and supplement the xylo and marimba parts and all together, makes a nice four part mallet arrangement of “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” composed by daniwellP, vocalized by Momoko Fujimoto. The score and parts can be downloaded from here.

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