A Closed Encounter

Posted on | Tyler

Another roller coaster has been added to the coasters page of my RCT3 page, and that coaster is called Closed Encounters. It’s a nice roller coaster, and contains many flips, twists and turns.

This roller coaster is built inside, making it an indoor roller coaster, and took a while for me to put together. Especially with the brick walls and everything, I had to make sure that this coaster had a nice interior, as the coaster winds in and out of “rooms”. When I first built this coaster, I didn’t build it within the park itself. What I did was opened a new sandbox park, and built the coaster from there from the ground up. I then saved the track design, and the building so that I can just easily place it within the park when I opened it in the Scenario Editor.

I’ve been working on the park Pine Gardens off and on, and with the park being a work-in-progress, and almost nearing completion, I decide to showcase Closed Encounters as a video, which can be seen on it’s coaster page here. A POV video is also available which can be found on YouTube here. I hoping that it gets views, despite the lack of Custom Scenery, which most of the RCT3 community prefers more of than content that comes with the game. I mentioned before that I’m not all that good with CSO, but if I ever do learn, maybe I’ll work on it.

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