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Apple iOS

I’ve had an iPod Touch since December of 2010. It was a hand-me-down of a the 2nd generation iPod Touch, as it was once my cousin’s. Updating for me wasn’t a problem around the time of iOS 3, but then as iOS 4 was coming out along with the iPhone 4, updates for me have been really tedious and time-consuming.

Why time consuming? I got an iPod Touch 4 next Christmas after only acquiring an iPod Touch the past summer, and for some reason after a while I couldn’t update my iPod through iTunes anymore. Instead, I have to search on Google for a direct download to the IPSW file (the file that is required to perform the update). The only reason being that the server always failed on me and I could never establish a clear connection to download the update file and update automatically through iTunes. I don’t mind doing a manual update though, I just wish that I could update my iPod automatically again through iTunes.

Also in the news of Apple, iCloud has been announced which will enable users to share and store their files online. This is somewhat similar to Google Docs and Microsoft’s Windows Cloud, but just a little bit more powerful and effective. With the iCloud, you can store multiple multimedia documents from pictures, to music, to apps, and as a result it will push it wirelessly to all your devices with iCloud on them. This means you will have your documents with you wherever you go on your computer (Mac or PC), your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. If you’re interested, you can watch the keynote for a preview of Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud all working together.

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