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Ever since I entered the world of web design, and learned about XHTML, I learn on my own about valid XHTML, and learn how there are guidelines and rules to follow when writing XHTML. This is basically the same as normal HTML, except it further extends the HTML code, and is an application of XML. More about XHTML can be read Wikipedia.

So everything that I did when it came to webpages followed the XHTML 1.0 Transitional guidelines and have wrote in XHTML 1.0 since. It’s pretty easy for me to follow, and it may not be the current up-to-date doctype, but it works and validates as XHTML 1.0. I was always so anal with my XHTML pages as I required it to be valid XHTML, and nothing stopped me in writing XHTML, and making sure it was valid. Being this anal though meant that I had to avoid the use of deprecated elements, which was pretty easy for me to do. So instead of using <b>, I use <strong>. Instead of using <i>, I use <em>. And if I need to embed videos or flash objects, I would use the swfobject javascript work-around. I was so anal, that I even installed XHTML validation to my Firefox browser that I had and see what pages were valid and what pages weren’t. I actually am still anal with XHTML validation, and make sure that everything on my website is XHTML compliant. This means that I change my WordPress template files and getting rid of the “aria-required” attributes and the “role” attributes as they are not compatible with XHTML 1.0 transitional, and I pretty much don’t understand the nature of it so I don’t use it. It’s most likely associated with HTML5, but I’m not writing in HTML5. However, I believe that as the web and technology advances, HTML5 will be used by most major websites. HTML5 is actually still in development, so it’s not stable just yet.

I work really hard to make sure my site is XHTML valid, and that everything I do is XHTML valid. That’s my number one thing to check for when I make webpages. Writing XHTML isn’t hard at all for me, as I’m already used to it. If I’m ever going to learn HTML5 though, that will most likely take time, but that may not happen until the far future. I like XHTML, and for now, I’m sticking with it.

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