My SMF Journey

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My SMF Journey began around 2008 after the summer, and when I created my website I found a site called SMF Helper where it was less crowded than Simple Machines’ community forums, and this was where I got help for my SMF forum. I got help quick, and the community was really friendly and was easy for me to adapt to. After a few months of asking for help, I then turn the tables and decided to give help. It was easy for me to work around SMF, and I knew that I could give good-quality support and make more friends. This in result earned me a Global Moderator position on SMF Helper.

I later expand my support back to the SMF community forums and started giving support there in early February of 2009 and just did what I did best at SMF Helper. I didn’t leave them of course, I was helping back and forth. I was giving a lot of help that my post count continued to build and build. I was continuously giving support all through the spring, and soon enough in July of 2009, I wrote my first mod called Disable Subject Change. I was getting the hang of PHP as I was learning more and more about it and learning the inner workings of SMF, I took the time to write a simple mod. Giving support was getting more natural and easier for me, I pretty much knew what I was doing. I pretty much knew how to take care of the more simpler things though, not so much the issues that involved the core of SMF.

My “support spamming spree” did not stop at all. I constantly was posting and helping almost everyday. And then by September 2009, I was finally recognized. I became one of the Support Helpers of the Month. I was real, real excited and honored to have been recognized, but me being so arrogant about it, I revealed too much information about how myself within my speech. It’s a long story, but basically it involved the SMF team and one user by the name ccbtimewiz. To keep things short, basically he wasn’t trusted by the SMF team, and I revealed my friendship with him and well, things didn’t go well from there. Not to mention the whole unstableness of the SMF team as mentioned on SMF’s founder Jeff Lewis’ blog post here. That post pretty much describes the whole predicament that happened. For a short ending, I think things are on shallow tides now if you continue to read Mr. Lewis’ posts regarding the SMF team.

So while that whole thing was going on, I was encountered by ccbtimewiz earlier about a new modification project for SMF, and this is called Dream Portal. It was initially ccbtimewiz and I that was working on the project. The portal itself was initially kept in one file, and was actually a static SSI page before. This obviously expanded into an actual modification with source and template files that would wrap with SMF’s new theme Curve. So I did the job of creating all the modules (not blocks as defined by TinyPortal and SimplePortal) and an alpha version of Dream Portal was created. Later, the domain was registered, and that was where base of operations would continue as a team was formed. ccbtimewiz was Lead Project Manager, for he was the founder of the project, and I was a Developer. I wasn’t lead, as I pretty much didn’t code the core of Dream Portal, but another user by the name xero did, making him Lead Developer. A full team was then formed for DP as development continued. Development for Dream Portal accelerated quickly as we pushed for beta release, and a public beta release.

The DP team was building and building and then there was one specific user that joined the development team that changed Dream Portal entirely. He’s now the Lead Project Manager of Dream Portal and goes by the name SoLoGHoST. He pretty much re-coded everything and made everything more secure, I guess. When this change happened, I just got lost from there. And then later, school got in the way, I barely had time to develop, and I got lost in SoLoGHoST’s code, despite the lengthy documentation he himself provided as he wrote all the functions and everything. As a result of school and these actions, I went on a hiatus for a while, came back, got downgraded to a Site Customizer, and then I announced my leave officially in May 2010.

I was also decreasing in giving support as a result of developing Dream Portal, and the whole SMF predicament. I’ve also left my mods outdated as well, and leaving a lot of users questioning “where in the world is the mod author???”. For those of you who have my mods installed, I apologize. I completely left SMF in the summer of 2010 and completely moved away from it all. I just needed to step back and focus on other things. I have been visiting periodically though, and I promise to soon update my mods. I just don’t have the time as of yet.

My site was originally made for SMF purposes, but now I’m going to centralize the stuff I do on the web as explained in my earlier post. But yeah, that’s pretty much my SMF journey. I’ll try to do more SMF stuff, maybe. Once I have time. As for now, I’m blogging and etc and trying to finish high school. So yeah, please bear with me.

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