Google Apps

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Google Apps

So I just thought I would add a new post here as I opened my site already a month ago, and it’s about the wonderful service that I’m using for…everything now. This service is called Google Apps.

I pretty much did not want to use the Webmail that was provided by my host, so I found out about Google Apps and how effective and useful it can be. I turned to my friend who setup my site and convinced him to setup Google Apps with me and after a few days of configuring and DNS propagating, I was finally able to use Gmail as my webmail service. After playing around with the settings and everything, I found out I could also use this for other Google services such as Calendar, Docs, and Sites. I’m obviously not going to use Google Sites, but Google Calendar and Google Docs could be useful for me and I might consider using it in the future.

If you have a domain or site of your own, and don’t want to use mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail, give Google Apps a try. They have personal and business solution plans, so click here to switch to Google Apps today!

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