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Ever since I entered the world of web design, and learned about XHTML, I learn on my own about valid XHTML, and learn how there are guidelines and rules to follow when writing XHTML. This is basically the same as…

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

I’ve been playing RollerCoaster Tycoon for the longest time! It’s my most favorite game of all time! Whenever I would play, I would pretty much let my imagination run WILD!! Even though there was a lack of a Sandbox mode…

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Finale Music Notation

In 2007, I discovered a piece of music notation called Finale. I was interested in music composition and my music teacher told me about Finale. I went home to see exactly what it was, and it just opened my eyes…

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My SMF Journey

My SMF Journey began around 2008 after the summer, and when I created my website WiiPowered.com. I found a site called SMF Helper where it was less crowded than Simple Machines’ community forums, and this was where I got help…

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The WiiPowered logo.


Back around the year 2008 during the summer, there was a site called WiiCharged.com. It was basically a Nintendo user-community focused on the Wii, and you could exchange Friend Codes (FCs), have online battles/games, and talk about everything Nintendo or…

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