About tyty1234

My name is Tyler, and I have been interested in web design and programming since 2005 and started to learn HTML. I did not learn PHP until I stumbled across Simple Machines Forum (SMF) where my SMF journey began (more here). My latest and greatest interest to date has been the genre of Korean pop music, commonly abbreviated as K-pop. I am currently 24 years old, and am still coding here and there, but not as much as I used to. I like to play music as a percussionist in a concert band, and have a small interest and experience in music composition and arranging. In the field of computers and programming, I extensively use PHP, and have been a little exposed to C via the VisualBasic program. Scripting and tagging-wise, aside from HTML, I know a little bit of JavaScript and JQuery, and used ActionScript for Flash-based applications. I can pretty much handle CSS, however I often have to refer back to the W3schools.com site and Google for reference. I have also used XML for my SMF modifications, but I know very little of it. Other than that, that is pretty much all there is to know about my skills and abilities.

Which tyty1234 is this??

There are various accounts and usernames under tyty1234 and I’m sure it would confuse a lot of people as to which tyty1234 this website belongs to. Well, I briefly explained about SMF in the above paragraph so I’m the tyty1234 that can be found across various SMF communities, including the SMF Community Forums. I’m also known as tyty1993 on Twitter and on other forum communities. Other accounts or usernames under tyty1234 may or may not be me.


You can contact me through these following methods

  • Email: tyty1234@tytyweb.net
  • Skype: miikirby2766