Hi there, and welcome to tyty1234's corner of the web. On this site, you will find information about the things that I do across the internet. The most important part of my site is the Projects section of my site where you will be able to find more information about the individual projects and work that I do.


...has been, and still remains a big part of my life. I have grown interest in it so much, that I have opened myself into learning how to compose and arrange music with the use of the Finale notation software. I'm still not good at it, and am still learning.

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...and film-making is another interest of mine that I have recently been inspired with as I watch more YouTube videos by big names such as "The Fine Brothers", "Wong Fu Productions", "Ray William Johnson" and more.

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...is something I always have wanted to learn about and have been learning since 2005. This transformed into learning about web programming as well, and working with platforms such as forums, CMS, blogs, and much more.

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